Book one in the historical fantasy Society To Engineer Ascension (S.T.E.A) series. More details about the series and the author can be found at: and

In a castle trapped on an island, there was a woman who wished for a child. She consulted dark arts and ran with wolves for this simple wish. However, supernatural and scientific meddling left her dead and the child missing.

Seventeen years passed, and the child returned to his ancestral home in a shipwreck, washing up into the arms of a never ageing woman who haunts the shores. The castle was now inhabited by the strange Angelus Nocturnal cult, while two creatures from the future tried to change the inevitable dystopia that awaited them.

Inside the womb of Hellver Gate castle many lives had passed through there – deranged, broken or simply lost creatures. The castle watched them grow, listening to their desperate pleas . . .


She was back in the corridor of animal tapestries. Only moonlight could show what stalked the shadow’s undergrowth. In sunlight, these woven creatures stood still and alive, yet when the moon’s pure gaze viewed the images the truth was revealed. With a few milky rays, it showed the ruined abyss that surrounded her.

Deer drank from a pond in daytime, their bodies timid and breakable. In the animals’ reflections it showed the sky in darkness, and the deer torn asunder by white winged humanoids that were without gender and faces. Their serene feathers were bathed in innocents’ blood.
The mighty lion, embodied as a being of flames, reached upwards in a deafening roar. Even that great beast had been defeated. Its dark reflection lay in a pool of blood. The creature’s pride and dignity had been buried beneath the ground. Arrows that carried snow plumes pierced the decaying body.

Dragons, snakes and hawks lurked on the walls in both day and night, life and death. In each one, those strange winged beasts wandered. They hid from the sun and cowardly laid the world asunder in the shadows.

But there was one grave marker without its nighttime counterpart.

The wolf.

Katerina stared intently at the area just above the howling animal’s shoulder. Hellver Gate castle could be seen in the distance. She placed her hand over it, and the torches hanging between each tapestry alighted.